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welcome to the help desk

The Help Desk is where you can find out more information on this blog, the USER MANUAL project and how you can help. You can also find a couple of answers to frequently asked questions, or if that doesn’t suffice – my contact details are below.

who am I?

I’m Hannah, also known as hannahcyanide. I’m hitting my mid-twenties, a single #millennialmom to a little boy named Kyle, and generally a mental health advocate and lifestyle blogger. You can find more information in the About Me page.

what is this blog?

One day, someone decided it was about time I stopped wasting my brain writing listicles and actually revisit writing for myself. A lot of this tends to be self-indulgent, and focuses mainly on my mental health struggles and road to recovery – but also serves as a thought repository for my non-work content and all my lifestyle (fashion, beauty) related things. I’m also really vain and Instagram wasn’t enough of an ego boost – not a fan of paragraph-long captions.

what is USER MANUAL?

USER MANUAL began as a weird side project that I made for my boyfriend. Being someone with a mental illness and dating someone who comes from a different generation, means that we often butt heads and have no idea how to deal with one another. He was a computer science major who actually reads the manual, so I made one.

That being said, a couple of other people who saw my obsessive Keynote and PDF versions of the manual (we’re on V4 now) said that it could become something publishable. While not confident enough to turn it into a full-fledged book, you can read more about it on the landing page.

We’re currently developing the first issue, and I’m happy to announce that you’ll be able to purchase it via the kind folks at Biawak Gemok or via my store, once I set it up. We’re tentatively putting the date after Chinese New Year 2018.

why should I help?

Well, first off – blogs cost money to run. While I haven’t monetised any of the content I’ve put up here so far, paying for a custom domain is expensive. That being said, while currently unemployed – whatever I do make goes to running my household and taking care of my son. Between his paediatrician appointments and upgrading his gear for his benefit, I honestly would not survive without the help of my parents. I want to be somewhat stable independently so that I don’t have to rely on them so much.

On the other hand, I am currently seeking medical treatment and lets be honest here, therapy can be expensive. Medication even more so. On average, a single appointment is around MYR200 and factoring in medication, it can go up to MYR700 depending on the amount of medication.

USER MANUAL has not had its initial run yet, however the Biawak Gemok pricing and the store pricing will be drastically different. BG will take my manuscript and produce photocopied versions for you to purchase, however the physical and digital versions available for sale on the store will be different. At current estimate, a single physical copy will cost about RM25 or so, and will be printed in high quality paper among other things. If you’d like to make that happen – you can help me do that!

how can I help?

The money you donate will be used to help keep this blog running, feed my son and push out content for USER MANUAL. Printing costs, formula costs – all of that. Every little bit helps. 

If you’d like to see more on how you can help me, please come over to my Patreon page – where I’ll tell you my goals and what you get in return.

If you’d like to make a one-time payment, you can always use PayPal. My link is here, and you can donate any amount you feel like. 

As a trash creative, I spend a lot of my time working in coffee shops so you can always buy me a cup of coffee. Want to do that instead? Here’s the button below.

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