faithfully yours


I’ve finally started a YouTube Channel and a Shopify store for my merch, but I don’t know what else to put up. Yours truly is running dry when it comes to content. 

Much like this blog, a lot of my content is personal and I don’t know what else you’d like me to talk about. Why don’t you send in some recommendations? I don’t think I could do makeup tutorials because as much as I love makeup, mine barely changes. 

Generally, I just talk about my feelings, write and occasionally make zines. If you’re interested in a performance, check out my snippet below (like and subscribe, too? [am I doing this right????])

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  1. Ꮤell like Mommy mentioned, after we ⅼove one another and love the world that Jesus
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  2. "I am claiming that. Me, the Founders, and the Constitution. Read the Federalist papers. Read the Declaration of Independence. Read the Constitution."Please quote the part of America's founding papers which is equivalent to Israel's Declaration of Independence.

  3. Jag var också mycket förvånad över rubriken. Artikeln nämner Svenska FN-förbundet, men vem tänker på det när huvudrubriken säger något helt annat.Jag tycker också att det är svagt att tidningarna inte klarar av att beskriva verkligheten. Skärpning SvD.JC, Cannes(tidigare anställd inom en FN-organisation, men inte en NGO)

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  5. Ik heb als meisje een scarabee armband gekregen en tot aan vandaag verwonderd het me nog hoe mooi het natuur eigenlijk is. Deze kevers en in het natuur hebben zo veel detail dat iedereen ze mooi moet vinden.De Sofa met tafel is prachtig. Wat een geduld moet je hebben om zo iets te ontwerpen en dan nog voor elkaar krijgen dat het wordt en werkt hoe je het wil.

  6. My goodness, the entire time I was reading your post I was humming The Circle of Life song. Yes, it *is* a circle of life. And seeing the positive, the new life, the promise (as you did) is the only thing that gets me through some days.

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  12. Frank | I guess its how you look at it. I have a friend who went to jail for actually doing some of the wiretapping. Yes, lot’s of people were held accountable, but not Nixon. He was allowed to resign thus escaping direct accountability. He should have gone to jail(now that’s being held accountable)The only difference between Nxon and Clinton was that Clinton knew the votes to impeach weren’t there. So he didnt have to resign. The fact of the matter is, that if you or I lied to Congress, we would be thrown in jail. Preferential treatment is commonplace in Politics. It’s all in how one views things.

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  14. I have to agree that “There is no me Without You” is an excellent way to learn more about HIV. After reading that book, my own perspective and feelings about HIV/AIDS was greatly changed. We are giving copies of the book to our extended family for Christmas.

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  17. that, being an only child, you didn’t want to have an only child. I’ve noticed that when it comes to only children in general, this really seems to be a black-and-white issue – either they loved it or they hated it. There’s really no in between. My completely unscientific observation, FWIW.

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  21. Embarrassing, isn’t it? What’s even more embarrassing is the almost total lack of awareness among the NZ “right” about the legal and political conventions which are supposed to safeguard liberty.Apparently those things may be dumped whenever convenient – or when the victim of tyranny and incompetence is somebody they dislike or disapprove of.Which is the attitude of spoiled products of a socialist cesspit.

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  25. I just came across your blog. Regarding the textured walls under the “Master Bedroom Makeover”. Our house has the same textured walls. I hate it. We bought the house last year and there are spots all over that need repaired but I have no clue how to match it up. Do you know what the textured print is called? Or how do you match it up so when we paint it doesn’t look different than the rest of the wall? Any input would be helpful

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  34. I completely disagree with both you and Francis this time. Twitter is a fascinating place. You can learn more about a person from his tweets because a tweet is an opinion in a nutshell, without all the semantic frills that often sugar-coat the truth. I'd like to see someone trying to claim that his tweet was taken out of context…So it's not a great communication tool for scientists, but is enough for the rest of us wee tiny people. Cluttered, yes, still better than having to read through pages of a boring blog post just to grab the essence of it, if any.

  35. Howdy would you mind stating which blog platform you’re using? I’m going to start my own blog soon but I’m having a difficult time choosing between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something completely unique. P.S My apologies for being off-topic but I had to ask!

  36. he wouldn’t believe what a Studio/Corporation alleges unless he sees it in writing. Fair enough. Maybe you think that’s silly. Maybe not. But did this warrant a massively geeky (and not entirely accurate) lecture from you about what (you think) constitutes a contract? Also, your grammar sucks. I know that’s petty, but you kind of earned it by being so annoying and pedantic.

  37. What an amazing trip you had. The poverty must have been striking. I worked with Peace Works Int’l. in high school and went to Costa Rica for three weeks to stay with a family, learn english and volunteer. The poverty there was devastating, yet still does not compare to what you describe. It make us appreciate what we have here in the States. Doug and I are well. Thanks for asking. I love reading your blog. Hi to Kevin!Megan

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  45. Thanks for sharing these ideas Amy!  I was thinking about this storm as I was praying this morning too.  I love this week’s lesson on “Adam and Fallen Man.”  Its focused on correcting the concept that there was a time when mankind fell out of God’s care because of their own actions.  But are always the full expression of God.  That relationship is a constant.  And the same goes for nature.  Its simply an expression of the Divine, so it can’t be destructive or chaotic.  So this morning I’m cherishing the harmony, peace, and stillness that is always expressed by God’s creation.  |  

  46. …Like been there… done that, I'm suprised by the sudden drop in the level of discussion in this post. It's well below the usual standards…….The uninformed ignorance in some comments here is depressing."Funny, I always thought that spelling the word "serfdom", as "surfdom" – as you do – is itself a signifier of ignorance.

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  52. Looks delicious! Similar in some ways to the Peruvian Turkey. Do most have ovens in their homes to make these meals? Interesting that they use prunes – here there is a lot of raisins in the stuffing. Raisins and chorizo. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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  54. That vinaigrette is unbelievable. I am not sure if I told you guys this, but the first time you made it for dinner, I woke up the next morning to a fridge containing eggs and garlic, and decided to try to recreate it from memory – it was just that good. For me, the paprika is what ties this whole thing together. If you’ve ever eaten a deviled egg, you already know that’s a winning combination. HUGE fan of the leeks, too. Speaking of which – I made the sauteed fennel/leek combination as a side dish recently (from your 08.12.09 post – one of my favorites).

  55. My first comic was Batman 241 – a great Neal Adams cover but a throughly mediocre comic story. What cemented my love of comics was Batman 176 – an 80 page giant full of reprints of super-villain stories that happened to feature a reprint of Batman 73 “The Joker’s Utility Belt” – a story that I had on a comic book/record I had gotten a year or so earlier.

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