rainy days | thoughts on blogging

We’re officially beginning the second quarter of the year and I’ve got so many things lined up. Blogging has worked out for me. Despite not having a job. And getting sick. And being stuck in this miserable weather. 

Sweater weather or not, rain tends to make me more melancholy and reflective than usual. I’d like to be bundled up in a sweater with some hot Milo but usually, I’m out doing something. 

Recently, I’ve opted for more athleisure/#teamcozy fits since a) this weather doesn’t lend itself to delicate fabrics and b) I want to be comfortable. In the outfit to the right, I’m wearing my Nike sweatpants with a top and bomber because I had a psychiatrist appointment and the hospital tends to be freezing. Then it rained and I got drenched trying to get to my car. Fun times. 

Prof says I’m one of his more stable cases, so gold star for me.

Writing this makes me realize I’ve been keeping a journal since I was 10 and blogging since I was about 12 or so. I’ve been hannahcyanide for over 10 years and she’s been a different person as I’ve evolved. I joke that I read Roald Dahl’s The Landlady too many times in school which is why I picked cyanide as a moniker, but lets be real and admit that I grew up during the era of Myspace scene queens and Audrey Kitching wasn’t selling crystals yet. I wanted to be cool like that, wanted people to want me on their Top 8 and all that jazz. 


I went to the Stickerrific Art Jam today (#artwithstickerrific on Instagram), and I was amazed at the talents of the people around me. Being able to tell a story visually is something I’m not really able to do, even as a content creator, and to see that talent in that room was inspiring. #inspo right there. 

I’m just able to write, and I hope my continued blogging actually inspires/helps someone out there (and maybe I’ll end up on someone’s metaphorical Top 8. Teenage Hannah would be so happy)

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