#retroriuh + the line for the stairs

If you’re a native KL-ite, you know the stairs I’m talking about. The one in APW’s compound that leads up to the Japanese maki place.

Over the weekend, I hit up #retroriuh, the retro-themed edition of Riuh in the City. I wasn’t joking when I said it was one of those artisanal events with makers and food stalls and music. It was fun, in its own way and what I enjoyed most was watching the line for the stairs.

I saw a woman in full Nyonya kebaya, complete with parasol and 1930s makeup wait patiently as a group of guys posed and made fun of the typical poses you see on the stairs. Every click of the camera signified a change in pose – the outstretched legs, dangling your feet off the upper levels of the stairs. All in good fun, but I’ve never seen a line for a photo op before.

That being said, I decided to take photos (and convinced a friend of mine to take the photos for me – he’s been taking some of my OOTDs and I’m quite happy with them – @jrdlocke)

Where do you take your OOTDs?

Like if you’ve taken a photo on these stairs before #apwbangsar #aplacewhere #watchthisspace

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