liner notes

Let’s start on a positive note. I got an email yesterday saying that I got a slot for If Walls Could Talk, a local poetry open mic. It’s in April, and it actually drove me to create a mini zine of the pieces I’ll be reading.

They’ll go on sale April 12th, the night of the poetry reading.  

The song next to this column is one that’s been stuck in my head for a few days, and it also features in the zine. It explains the way I’ve been feeling for some time. It’s hard to explain – like it hit a discordant note in me, a chord gone wrong. 

I’ve been melancholy since my last post, not like that’s particularly different from my default mood. The erratic rain hasn’t helped either. Light showers make me pensive, monsoon storms make me want to curl up in bed and not get up. 

Patrons get a free digital copy of this zine, so head on over to the Help Desk or my Patreon account straight if you’re interested.

In other news, I’m now open for freelance work as I work remotely most of the time now. I’m still hunting for a full time job though. Girl’s got bills to pay, so hit me up if you need a copywriter (or my rate card).

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