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Can’t use the hashtag #stillnotaninfluencer anymore, because I kind of am one.

I have a promo code with GlamX Cosmetics, I’ve been featured on the Major Drop instagram, and now I’m reviewing the new UV Porcelain+ for Science on Skin.

I’ve also made some life changes: I’m trying to exercise more, so I’ve signed up for TRIBE – a boxing HIIT class. I even made the commitment and bought myself a pair of gloves to match my Starbucks tumblr. Because I’m basic that way.

I’ve also started wearing my glasses out more often and I’m taking better care of my skin. The SOS VIP program means I have to forgo my usual sunscreen for a while, but we’ll see.

I’ve also started using actual leather bags again, instead of my Timbuk2 or canvas totes. Style choice? Not really. More like I’m trying to downsize and not cart my entire life around in one bag.

Speaking of leather bags – here’s a Christy Ng one I really like, and a no makeup photo from day 1 of my trial with the SOS UV Porcelain+

I guess there isn’t much to say other than I’m learning to be okay with never being okay. I’m just managing and it’s a constant and I’ve come a long way from the girl sobbing in the ER a month ago. I’m just learning to cut toxic habits, coping mechanisms and people out of my life now.

Onwards and upwards.

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