Five Holy Grails: Fashion

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I’m back with another edition of five holy grails! Last time, it was makeup and this time – it’s fashion. They say that manners maketh man, but we all know a sharply dressed person is always a good thing. Let me show you my go-tos and how I style them.

Despite it being Malaysia and tropical, I get cold really easily. So I’m always reaching for a jacket. My first pick? The Squad Varsity Jacket from Pestle & Mortar Clothing. It’s got just enough edge that I can dress something up or down, and I love the slightly oversized fit. 

The only thing is that it’s really warm, so I can’t really wear it all the time (like during CNY season).

I occasionally steal my boyfriend’s jackets as well, so you can see that on my Instagram.

Leather jackets never go out of style and for good reason. 

This one’s from ZARA’s Trafaluc line, but it’s from a couple seasons ago. You can something similar here. I wear mine with skirts, dresses and my jeans. It’s a way to toughen something up, and it does actually keep me dry in Malaysia during the monsoons. 

I was going for some good girl gone bad look in the last photo, so hey.

gone bad | 📷: @scottarc

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A pair of jeans will never do you dirty, and my go tos are black with some stretch to them. 

They’re the Uniqlo Ultra Stretch High Rise Ankle Jeans (although they’re defo not ankle length on me) and while I had to size up in these, they’ve got an amazing fit. The lift and push up effect make your hips and butt look amazing, so that’s an endorsement from me.

In this shot, I look like I have much longer legs than my 5’2″ height actually does.  

spin class will be the death of me

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I traded in high heels for sneakers once becoming a mom became part of my life. Between my Nike’s Women’s Special Field Air Force Ones in Binary Blue or the pictured Air Jordan 1 Flyknit ‘Bred’ Banned – I’m usually wearing one of the two. 

I’ve amassed a pretty solid sneaker collection but I’m not a sneakerhead by any means. I just get what I like, really. And apparently that means I have expensive taste.

I don’t know if sports bras really count, but I really do like crop tops. I might have had a kid, but I’ve been working really hard (and followed confinement customs to a tee) to get my body back to where I want it to be. Why not show it off?

The one I’m wearing here is the Stussy Nite Logo Cross-Back Sports Bra, which I picked up at Hundred% in Lot 10. 

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