Anything Lah! – 4 Times I Ended Up In The Hospital

I’ve recently started contributing to a blog called Anything Lah! – it’s supposed to be writing for writers, where anyone can submit. My first piece was about all the times (some of the times) I’ve ended up in the hospital. Here’s an excerpt below:

The first time I was in the hospital, I was 18 in KPJ’s ER. I had gotten a ring stuck on my finger, and it had been there for three days. My finger was turning blue, I called three friends panicking (got yelled at by the one I called my boyfriend), and tried a number of DIY remedies: soap, cooking oil and butter.

At the end of the day, I woke my aunt up at 3:30am and she took me there. The staff weren’t very nice so she pulled the anak Tan Sri card. 3 tubes of numbing gel, 2 tubes of lubricant and about 20 minutes of the nurse calming me down while his colleague yanked the ring off my finger, it was off. That ring is now called the cursed gypsy ring.

The second time I went to the hospital, it was UMSC. I was being taken by my mother and grandfather, there were orderlies waiting in case I fought back and we were going to see a psychiatrist. I had tried to kill myself for the fifth time and also had an eating disorder that left me at a mere 42 kilograms. I was 22.

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