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zine prototype's been printed! but my mental health has gone down the drain.

Quick update, since I’m on mobile (trying out the mobile app today)

I’ll admit it, things have been rough. Since going on Zoloft, I find that I’m no longer manic (or capable of going into a manic swing) and I’m just depressed. My depression is back with a vengeance and it’s worse than ever. To that effect, we’ve changed the cocktail and now, my dosage has been increased. I hope it helps.

Losing the ability to care for my child, and feeling very overwhelmed with managing expectations and trying to achieve everything has taken a toll on me. It doesn’t make me anxious anymore, it just pushes me further into depression.

The zine is all I have to keep me going. It sounds sad (and it is) but what am I going to do. I don’t have much I can do.

I’ve cut my hair in an attempt to feel better about how I look, I’ve been more mindful of my messaging to other people and how my words impact them and I’m actively trying to avoid self destructive behaviour. That being said, things are hard and I am sad.

Struggling with mental health issues seems to be all I talk about and I don’t want it to become a defining characteristic of my personality, but it’s definitely part of it.


The Swagger Salon LANSI Varsity, borrowed

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