tonight the headphones will deliver you (the words that I can’t say) – update post

First off, Logan Paul is still trash and not a new update: Malaysians have disappointed me again. As usual. Click the image to the right for a look at how local attitudes towards suicide are (still) terrible. 

Today’s title is from a really obscure Fall Out Boy song – Homesick at Space Camp. Not a lot of people know about this song but it’s stuck with me through high school. 

I kept meaning to write more here, but it’s been a confusing week. I’m tired and adjusting to new medication, my bullet journal is full of half-completed tasks and journal entries where I tell you how miserable I am. I don’t know how to communicate anymore.

I feel like I’m going crazy, and there’s some sort of aural dyslexia going on between what I hear and understand, and what I’m trying to communicate. I don’t want to get into fights with people. I feel stifled. I feel like I want to jump off a building half the time. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Everything looks like it’s going right but it doesn’t feel it at all. 

In positive news, I’ve gotten over 10 submissions for User Manual. I’m really surprised by the interest, and Biawak Gemok has already expressed some interest. That’s an upside. There’s still room for submission though, since that ends tonight at 11:59PM. 

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