the importance of being cohesive

I disappeared for a while. Work’s been hectic, life’s been busy, and so much other stuff that I could really talk about.┬áPost-Black Friday, I’ve come to a bit of a realization: there’s definitely an importance in being cohesive as a person, and cohesive as a team.

Yes, in the millennial word – we talk about the importance of individuality and maintaining a distinct personal brand. When we do things out of character, that’s considered going off-brand. If there’s no steady evolution of the brand, we either get typecast and become stagnant; or any movement that isn’t in accordance to the brand is considered wrong. Pick your battles.

In a sense, that’s why I’ve had to really consider how I was going to reconcile the person I was in my teens/early 20s and now. While I’ve had this username for over a decade, I feel like I as a person have made some fundamental changes. It’s been a challenge to incorporate millennial maternity into the person I am now – there is no button or switch that just magically flips.

In terms of being cohesive as a team, it’s been interesting that over the last six months – I’ve learned to co-parent with my mother and sister. We consistently work as a team, and make united decisions. At the end of the day, I’m still Kyle’s mom (more on that at Reliving Motherhood). Becoming a mom has made me much more organized, and my ability to make lists and the like has improved greatly.

As someone who went through school being told (or rather, my mother being told), “Madam, your daughter doesn’t play nice with other people. If she thinks they’re stupid, she won’t work with them” – it’s actually surprising that I can work in a team now. Even at work, when I get frustrated, I tell myself that I’m really part of something bigger.

My ISTJ butt enjoys lists and categories, making sure that things work according to some predetermined SOP, but well. Life doesn’t always work that way. I guess it’s a matter of working through it. At least my pseudo-influencer life is going okay?

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